Increase Ecommerce Revenue by 20% Using Omnichannel Personalization

Automate and personalize your end-to-end customer experience, across all your digital properties and channels.

Marketing Engine That Drives You Forward

Increase your customer satisfaction and spending with Amazon and Netflix-like AI-powered recommendations. Applicable to your home page, product detail, email campaigns and much more.

  • AI boosted real-time machine learning
  • Best-in-class integration and versatility
  • Excellent scalability, big data infrastructure

Multi-Channel Communications

The visualized campaign builder allows users to quickly and easily create automated multi-channel communications with relevant content by segment, optimized in formats the audience prefers.

Wide Variety of Triggers

Automatically guide your audience through each of the stages of the buying process by easily triggering communications based on a wide range of contact information and activities.

Measure and Improve

Measure campaign results in a single view, or by individual component, and quickly adapt campaigns based on results to continually improve engagement and conversion.

Increase profits by 25% to 95%

If a company can increase its retention rate by as little as 5%, profits can go up to anywhere between 25% and 95%. While the greatest amount of revenue comes from engaging your present customers, AI also allows marketers to more accurately target prospects and bring in new business.

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