Transform Customer Engagement with
  • Rich Content
  • Smart Journeys
  • In-the-Moment Personalization

Segmentino is an ultimate customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the brands they love.

Multi-Channel Communications

The visualized campaign builder allows users to quickly and easily create automated multi-channel communications with relevant content by segment, optimized in formats the audience prefers.

Wide Variety of Triggers

Automatically guide your audience through each of the stages of the buying process by easily triggering communications based on a wide range of contact information and activities.

Measure and Improve

Measure campaign results in a single view, or by individual component, and quickly adapt campaigns based on results to continually improve engagement and conversion.

A successful marketing campaign definitely involves the most effective communication channels

email Email The Builder feature enables you to design your desired email layouts in no time. You can use pre-defined templates or you can start from scratch to delineate email sections with a few drag and drops. Email SMS As people have become one with their smartphones, they don’t tend to ignore their text messages and that’s what makes SMS messages the most reachable communication channel among all.
Mobile push notification Sending real-time and engaging push notifications in a mobile app can create a pleasant experience for your users
Web push try to convey different messages to your users via your web contents, but web push notifications are the only way of talking directly to them while they are visiting your website
Web overlay take over your users’ thought process with the help of web overlays as you interrupt what they have been doing to let them know about an important message

Take a closer look at the platform that powers automation and personalization for pioneers!