What is inbound marketing, and what are its benefits?

The term inbound marketing is one of the most common terms in recent years in marketing and especially in digital marketing. It’s a kind of indirect marketing that focuses on content instead of advertising. Unlike outbound marketing that focuses on direct sales, inbound marketing focuses on addressing the contacts’ questions and concerns, and without directly introducing a product or service to them, the contacts themselves proceed to purchase. Inbound marketing is a form of marketing in which the contact’s conversation with the business or brand begins with the contact.

inbound marketing

Suppose you want to sell a rug. Outbound marketing methods use advertising and direct introduction of the product (rug). But outbound marketing has a different approach. For example, we provide accurate and expert content on “methods for distinguishing counterfeit carpets from the original” and publish it. In this case, the buyer who is looking for a high-quality and original carpet or does not even intend to buy it at the moment, but is curious, will read your article and be attracted to your commitment and honesty.

This contact will surely come to you if they want to purchase a rug because you have helped them to distinguish the fake rug from the original. This is a simple example of an inbound marketing approach.

Why do we need to use inbound marketing?

In today’s world where a huge sea of ​​information surrounds us and the speed of information production is increasing, buyers are becoming more aware every day. Despite the world of cyberspace knowledge and information, buyers with a simple search can get accurate and detailed information about goods and services at any time of the day or night.
On the other hand, despite social networks, the information of popular products and services is shared very quickly, and along with the opinions and experiences of others, there is nothing left unsaid about that product or service.

This level of consumer awareness has never existed before. Although this is a good thing, it makes the marketing and sales process even more difficult in this highly competitive world. But don’t worry, inbound marketing is very powerful and helps you get exactly what the audience is looking for.

Benefits of using the inbound marketing

According to Forrester Research, when shoppers decide to buy a product, they spend about 90% of their shopping time researching different places about the product! This interesting statistic shows how important the discussion of inbound marketing is, in other words, 90% of the time spent shopping is in the field of inbound marketing, and only 10% is spent in outbound marketing!

Simply introverted marketing draws customers to you, you don’t need to follow them. This will help you to make a decision with a broader view of the future of your business and set more precise goals.

Benefits of using inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing has many benefits, and if used effectively, can have the following consequences:

Creating the right mindset for yourself and positively impacting the customer’s next purchases: Because your goal is to solve the customer’s problem and help him, the customer will always have a positive image of you.

High capabilities in attracting the target contact: In fact, the person who enters through inbound marketing is the customer. In outbound marketing, your costs are much higher, and ultimately most inputs do not lead to purchases. you can learn more here about attracting customers.

Create more social media share and more traffic to your site: Inbound marketing focuses on content, and this will make you more visible on social media and talk about you, which will increase your site traffic.

Your customers feel that they are your partner: Because you are interacting with the customer, they feel like they are working with you, and that is a very positive thing about their loyalty.

Help improve SEO: The principle of inbound marketing is based on audience-friendly content, which is also very important in SEO. So using this marketing method will actually help you improve your SEO.

Positive ROI: In inbound marketing, return on investment (ROI) is usually positive, and the results match your predictions.

Earn credit: By using inbound marketing and producing useful content, you will become known as a reference in your field.

In addition to the above advantages, unlike traditional marketing methods that are only effective during implementation. inbound marketing will always have an impact over time. The content and campaigns you create can continue to be profitable for you as long as the audience sees them.


For example, a powerful article on a long-term topic is a resource for many audiences and attracts customers as long as it is on your site or blog. However, in addition to this process, the advantage of your site’s incoming traffic and prosperity in social networks and even oral marketing will continue.

But the key to inbound marketing is to create a content production strategy to meet the needs of your audience in the pre-purchase stage! By doing this, you will provide valuable content for the visitors of that product and they will become your customers in the future.

For example, if you have products such as glasses, you need to provide valuable and practical content about buying glasses, identifying original glasses, choosing the right glasses, and other information that the customer is looking for in the pre-purchase stage.

To choose the type of content and its subject, you can survey the audience or extract valuable results from previous statistics. This content can be in the form of video, audio, text, photos, infographics, and anything that helps the audience to shop more easily and comfortably.

Inbound marketing helps your audience get away from the shopping cycle and not have the stress of forced shopping and make you feel comfortable as a neutral consultant, thus gaining their trust would be very quick.

How to start inbound marketing?

  1. First, identify your target audience and learn what they need to know. If you don’t know what they want, you can’t produce the right content for them.
  2. Create a unique and persuasive story for yourself, why should your audience listen to you?
  3. Choose your communication media, blog, Instagram, Twitter, or any medium where you have a larger audience.
  4. Create your content and publish it on a regular schedule.

start inbound marketing

It is very important to always create new content and provide it to the audience according to a regular schedule, do not forget that the subject of your content should be focused on the problems and concerns of the customer and not your products and business.


Inbound marketing is a way that today’s customers like, a method that is based on helping customers get what they need. The first principle of this marketing method is to believe in products and services. If you are sure of the quality of your business, inbound marketing is a powerful catalyst that will be your launching pad.

When you help a customer get the right quality product, he or she will help you get more customers and higher profits. Inbound marketing is a fair and win-win situation in the tumultuous world of digital marketing, so use it as soon as possible to grow your business.