What is Segmentino?

Segmentino is a marketing automation platform which helps the businesses know their users more deeply and have a more active collaboration with them.

This is done through different communication channels like email, SMS messages, push notifications, and web overlays. Personalized content is then sent to each user through their preferred communication channels.

This results in an increase in the engagement rate of the businesses which leads to a higher retention rate.  

Marketing Engine That Drives You Forward

Focusing on your existing customers in order to increase their purchase rate based on their shown behavior is called Retention Marketing which is highly focused on at Segmentino by creating smart campaigns. Different KPIs like user conversion rate and the percent of returning customers are used in our smart campaigns to increase the effectiveness of each one.

Our promise

We are willing to deliver the satisfying experience of enabling online businesses to keep their current customers and get the most out of them by knowing them better, communicating with them at the proper moments and through appropriate channels, and connecting with other third party platforms effortlessly.

Co-founder & CEO
Behzad Lotfi & CTO