What we do

Segmentino is an enterprise multi-channel marketing automation solution. We Simplify the activities of marketers by helping them with showing their users behavior, predict what they’ll do, and eventually do communicate with them with the right channel and the right time.



Our Values

Result oriented

We only think and measure everything we have promised and what we achieved. we see the result of of what we did and if we don't touch our target, try and try are our strategy.

Founder’s Mindset

The only way to do great work is to have full control over what you do. We’re a performance-oriented company that nurtures innovation & success at every step.

Team work

We believe in honesty and we know that for getting to trust we need work, support and help to each other. we know that there is just a way for success and that is teamwork.

Customer centric

We constantly work towards delivering great value to our clients with an ever-evolving product and round the clock assistance.

Eager for excellence

We welcome from big changes. we count on our colleagues innovation and we believe that it's the way of excellence.

Learning Never Stops

As a company, our growth is tied to the growth of our employees. An opportunity to learn something valuable is always lingering around; you just need to grab it.

Join us to create great things together!

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