Emails have mostly turned into a failed means of communication between businesses and users; however, there still exists a way to turn it into an advantageous channel.
By sending personalized emails at the right moments, you can take an important step forward in engaging your users and letting them know about specific events or campaigns they are interested in.

Write tailored emails using the Builder feature:

The Builder feature enables you to design your desired email layouts in no time. You can use pre-defined templates or you can start from scratch to delineate email sections with a few drag and drops. Choosing to send out an email to a whole segment of users have also been provided by Segmentino.


Keep emails to-the-point and tempting

Steer clear of sending out numerous emails in that users will mostly ignore them. Instead, try to give the gist of your intent to users in a few short and abridged sentences or even figures. Using a variety of available Slots in Email Builder, you can convey your message in a way other than simple words.

Create a personalized experience

In addition to your writing tone which includes using the right choice of words, creating a friendly and warm atmosphere is of high importance in your email content. Personalizing email content has also been provided in our builder through using specific tokens, which enables you to use the user’s attributes (like their first name) in the email content properly.


Integrate with email service providers effortlessly

The Plugins section in your Segmentino dashboard enables you to interact easily with different ESPs through their APIs. This can speed up the integration process of Segmentino basically with any service that can be interacted via an API.

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