Engage your users through different channels

Send tailored messages to each user to create an appealing experience for them, resulting in a higher retention rate.

Follow conversion to check success

You can monitor the success of campaigns by control groups in real-time.

Engage customers based on their location

Engage users based on their current location; this brings upon lucrative chances for brands to increase their income. In addition, users can get what they need at the moment.

Make the users spend more time on-site and in-app

You can create situations for your website visitors and app users to view the items they will be most likely attarcted to.
Use channels to engage customers; These channels are
  • mobile push notifications
  • SMS messages
  • web overlays
  • web push notifcations
  • and emails

Use smart web engagement popups

Suggest offers depending on user’s activity and also display personalized messages or send them actions to complete an action in your app.

Send push notifications at the right time

One of the best ways of engaging users is sending push notifications. Send messages at the moment as soon as your users are online.

SMS Messages

Engage users by sending offline messages in order to make comprehensive brand experience.

Web Overlays

Increase engagement rate with web overlays based on each user’s actions.


Engage users by sending emails related to their actions.

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