User acquisition in education businesses

Communicate with each individual based on their roles

There are usually three groups of users who use an education system’; students, teachers, and officers.

You can manage to talk to each group based on their attributes. With the help of the Segmentation feature, you can communicate with them in different tones and contents, and in every step of their lifecycle.

For example, you can show the teachers a quick tutorial on how to define a new course through a web overlay. 

Contact your users apart from their situation

Some education-related notifications are very important and the users need to know about them right away; for instance, if a user has filled a form to ask for an increase in his grade, he will most likely want to know about the result as soon as the teacher decides about it.

Segmentino enables you to connect with your users through different channels, like push notifications and SMS messages. This way you can be sure that your users will know about any updates on their profiles in a flash.

personalized message for education industries
users journey in education businesses

Design different forms in no time

As a member of the academic society, you don’t need to know about the details of making an online form to do a quick survey or get information from your target population.

Segmentino enables you to design different landing pages with a few drag and drops. You can also communicate with users using their attributes to create personalized messages.