AI powered solution in finance and insurance industry

Foresee the user’s next action to increase their satisfaction:

AI-powered tools can elicit your users’ behavior after a while. You can then use this advantage to send push notifications in the right moment to increase users’ engagement rate.

For instance, you can send a web push that reminds him to fill out the form completely before going to the next step (as he always leaves some fields blank). Segmentino enables you to send messages through a number of channels based on your needs and preferences. 

Let the users know about all the offered services

A great portion of your users use a limited number of the services available to them; on that account, you need to let them know about the other services that might be of use to them. This can be done with the proper use of web overlays or web push messages based on their elicited behavior.

Segmentino provides different ways to communicate with your users for different purposes, like this specific one. If you introduce your other services successfully, the user engagement rate will rise. 

marketing automation in insurance an fintech in 2021
notify your users with marketing AI powered for insurance and finance industry

Notify your users when necessary

There are several situations where users need to take an action in order to avoid facing a problem in their accounts; for instance, you might block a user’s account if he doesn’t use it for 6 months in a row.

To notify the user about this situation, you can simply send them an email or an SMS message weeks before the due date.

This feature is offered by Segmentino, enabling you to communicate with designated segments of users.