marketing automation for media and entertainment industry

Maximize time spent on your website

Any user has a specific set of interests in different types of media like cinema, blogs, and magazines.

After a while joining your website, you can elicit each user’s behavior with the help of AI-powered tools.

Then, you can simply come up with appealing suggestions that users can’t disregard; this way, you can bounce a user between different web pages of your site and thus, increase the time spent on your website as much as possible. 

Promote a specific article easily

Advertisements are a great way of earning money with the least effort spent. Nowadays, companies try to advertise a product or a service indirectly, with their messages hidden in articles or video clips.

Media-based websites are the perfect place for such advertisements as they are replete with contents in a wide range of subjects; however, the advertising companies need to make sure about the number of views each ad receives.

You can ensure them about this concern with the help of Segmentino, as it helps you with intelligent ways of user segmentation and as it gives you several choices for communicating with your users. 

reactivate your lost users by AI powered marketing solution

Convert visitors to known users

With the help of different channels like web push notifications and web overlays, you can put yourself in the way of visitors who come to your site from different sources.

Just like that, you can convert the people who have entered your website to view a certain article or for a specific purpose to a known user by getting en email address or phone number from them in some fields.

Theses fields can be embedded in different forms and in different channels. Segmentino has made designing forms very easy with the help of the Builder feature it offers.