marketing automation for travel industry

Let your users know about particular offers

Using the info you have on your users wisely can result in a spike in your revenues. For instance, imagine that you have analyzed a user’s behavior and based on that, you know that he’s willing to travel once in a season.

 With more info, you can even guess the more probable destinations and this way, you can make irresistible offers that he can’t simply turn down; a one-week accommodation in a 3-star hotel is an example of such offers.

Furthermore, you can elicit different aspects of users’ interest in travelling with the help of AI-based features. This way, you can recommend a variety of package deals (ticket+hotel) which are a win-win situation for you and the users.

Promote location-based offers

You have definitely been in the kind of situation where you need to pick a place to stay for a night or two, and you don’t have a single clue about different choices you might have around.

Location-based offers have been designed for this purpose; they tend to help users find their desired place by recommending a multitude of choices based on their current location.

Location-based offers could be sent to users in several ways, like push notifications or SMS messages. Segmentino helps you with informing these offers to the target population via different communication channels.

push notification based on location for traveling industry
personalization message in travel and hospitality industry in 2021

Send personalized messages using the data on your system


Analyzing user behavior can be done using the data you have in your system; for instance, you can foresee their actions based on their activities.

In addition, you can use that data set to send personalized messages to users that include some of their attributes or actions; for example, you can send a message to a user which shows his cancelled travel plans in the last year.

Segmentino enables you to send tailored messages to each user based on the data you have about them with the help of the Builder feature.