Design different scenarios based on your users actions

See what journeys your users have experienced and track their actions via real-time communication with the help of different channels.

Create campaigns based on user's life process

Design user workflows according to user’s life process by craeting campaigns with a drag & drop interface. Draw sophisticated workflows as easy as drawing on a board.

Link campaigns to channels

Let channels be connected with each other. Engage users in every stage of their life process by cantacting them through channels they mostly use.

Link journeys to each other

Engage users by picturing the connection among journeys with the help of maps and contextual contents.

Track live data of customer journey

Follow performance of the customer journey in real time and recognize steps of conversion and bottleneck to advance the journeys.

Lead users based on their actions

Manage and develop real-time journeys considering users actions.

Find useful and interesting outcomes

See what works best for your current situation and take your chance to double your outcome by receiving tailored reports.

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