Mobile push notification

Sending real-time and engaging push notifications in a mobile app can create a pleasant experience for your users.
By interacting with them in appropriate situations of different use-cases, they feel like they are being constantly supported by an invisible help from your app and that’s what makes them keep exploring your app.

Write tailored emails using the Builder feature:

The Builder feature enables you to design your desired email layouts in no time. You can use pre-defined templates or you can start from scratch to delineate email sections with a few drag and drops. Choosing to send out an email to a whole segment of users have also been provided by Segmentino.

Send push notifications to users when they expect it

Push notifications could have different roles in each lifecycle stage, from assisting the newcomers to let the users know about a recent change in their shopping cart. Acting at a proper instance and using the suitable message, you can increase user engagement rate easily. This is possible at Segmentino with the help of different plugins.

Create tailored and personalized push notifications

By including your users actions or their attributes like first name or company in a mobile push notification, you can expose them to a personalized experience which leads to more customer satisfaction. Segmentino makes this possible with the help of different plugins.

Use data from your system to improve mobile push notifications

Analyzing your users actions or every other related data you might have on your system makes it possible to know more about their online behavior. You can then use this elicited information to send pertinent recommendations or notifications to your users.

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