Personal content is precious to anyone

Personalized communications are of high importance these days.To reach increased outcomes and ROI, brands personalize the messages they send out.

We can help you to personalize most of your messages with the knowledge you already have about your customer in every stage of lifecycle.

Boost online sales by using real-time segmentation

Use rationale and situational declaration to set operations to users in progress based on their features and current actions

increase your sales by suggesting products which your customer likes

Segmentino helps you to find your users interests and suggest them the products they like.

It is compatible at every touchpoint

Provide 1 to 1 quality customer experience on each device and channel separately without compromising the compatibility of your messages using our personalization engine.

Strong personalization toolset

Bring together any information to make personalization use cases that fit your most complicated cases .This way, you can get these information from your contacts,relational tables,product recommendation, and vouchers.

Personalization variables can be reused

Make groups of personalization variables and use them based on each individual to generate appropriate messages that help you to increase interaction easily.

  • Use personalized push notification to increase e-commerce sales

  • Personalized email recommendations help with increasing sales

  • find out about users’ interests

  • Personalizing search results can raise your revenues

  • achieve more sales for your business by helping users find the product they need.

  • personalize SMS by using profile data

Take a closer look at the platform that powers automation and personalization for pioneers!