Get your users started painlessly

Welcoming campaigns could be frustrating to new users as they have just joined your website and will not start an active interaction with it in at least a few days. 

On that account, helping your users to get started intuitively could be a big step forward for your website. 

Sending the proper messages in the exact time they need it also makes your users more satisfied with your website at the beginning of their journey. For example, letting them know about the status of their registration process via email is a great way to show a supportive attitude to your users. 

Encourage your users to connect with you via different channels

Being able to communicate with your users via different channels available to them is a big advantage for your business since you can reach them wherever they are. 

As the users will not complete their profile after registration with a high likelihood, it is better to get their information at the acquisition stage and before offering them the main services of your website. 

There are several smart ways to elicit this information from them, like designing the proper web overlay with the help of Segmentino