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Captivate users by offering irresistible deals at the right moments

The timing of the deals you make is very important; for instance, you can observe that a user seems to buy more at the beginning of each month. So, you should try to come up with the kind of deals they can’t resist in that time duration. 

Other example could be offering limited-time deals to users. Statistics show that users won’t say no to these kinds of deals since they are afraid that they might lose this wonderful chance to buy products they are interested in. 

Buyer urgency or fear of loss could be used in other ways as well, like letting the user know how many other people are currently viewing the same product. 

Use the data you have so far about users to enhance your AI-based analysis

After a while joining your website and purchasing for several times, you will have a useful set of data about each user. 

By giving this data to AI-based tools, you can elicit users behavior and act accordingly to increase your revenues.

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empower your users with marketing automation

Increase the time spent on your app or website

There are a myriad of ways to get your users spend more time on your website or app. You need to use them wisely in order to help your business grow. 

For example, you can offer informative posts about the subjects they like, or letting them know about the future products of your website. 

Actually, you should try to do whatever it takes to make them stick to your website and also, come back. Motivating them to come back can be done by offering them great deals based on their total purchase amount, or giving them credit for different occasions related to them; for example, you can offer a 20% discount on specific feminine products on the international women’s day. 

Users will appreciate your move and like you even more than before in that they feel connected to your brand.