growth your customer retention rate

Retrieve inactive users

Based on statistics, most users remain inactive after receiving a few services from your website; but there is a way to turn that around. AI-powered tools come to your rescue by analyzing users’ behaviour and making attractive suggestions they can’t turn down.

By receiving another service, they are back in the game and you can continue increasing your revenues this way.

Sending personalized push notifications in your website or mobile-app is a significant way for getting the attention of your inactive users.

Segmentation is also a feature of Segmentino that makes it possible for you to define inactive users based on user attributes (for example, users who have not logged in to their account in the past month).

Focus on loyal customers

Loyal customers bring you the most possible profit compared to newcomers who need tons of attention to be attracted to your website; they tend to buy the same products or services repeatedly, and that’s what makes them different from the other users.

In other words, they can be considered as guaranteed purchases. Loyal customers have earned trust to your website through numerous purchases, so they are more inclined towards trying another product or service from your website.

Hence, you need to act strategically to talk them into buying something new; for example, by showing them the uses’ comments on a certain product, you can encourage them to buy it (if they have shown such behavior before).

Segmentino assists you with eliciting your users information through different APIs and also encouraging them to buy a product by communicating with them in the right manner. 

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role of marketing automation for increasing customer retention rate

Explore distinctive reasons of incomplete purchases

Users leave their shopping carts half way through in some cases. This can be caused by numerous reasons; for instance, the high shipping cost which might have dissuaded them from the purchase they were going to make.

You need to find out these reasons to eradicate them as much as possible. Segmentino can give you comprehensive reports about such events in no time.

You can then decide about the actions you are going to take in order to increase your revenues.