Find out customer information with real-time segmentation

customers get targeted by personalization in real-time. However, it makes customers stick around longer. boost online conversion rate by evaluating customer and product performance.

Boost online sales by using real-time segmentation

To get highly-personalized online experience based on customer segments, you need to bring together both real-time omnichannel browser and buyer performance.

Your expectations from us

Segmentino gives you the most authentic information on the customers by evaluating website analytics.

Your online ecommerce store would be evaluated by our team of experts to combine information from customer activity, consumer performance, and best selling products to make real-time segmentaion.

Find important and detailed knowledge about your customers

Divide your users into several groups based on their identity and performance.

Motivate customers who order products frequently with unique suggestions when they share word about your brand.

  • Events: What has been done by the user; such as sign up,sign in, app unistall and etc

  • Device Usage : What devices your users used like PCs, Tablets and Laptops.

  • Location: The user’s location like: City, Country, or Continent.

  • You can even categorize them by specific features like: User Info

  • Acquisition: Where the users came from like facebook, pinterest , google and etc.

  • Reachability: How they can be accessed through different channels: SMS, web push notifications.

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