As people have become one with their smartphones, they don't tend to ignore their text messages and that’s what makes SMS messages the most reachable communication channel among all.

Disseminate information about your latest updates:

By creating a list of users from different segments, you can schedule to send out any important messages to your desired users in a designated time. This way you can manage to let them know about the latest changes of your webiste in a flash.

SMS Automation

Use the up-to-the-minute monitoring feature

By producing reports, Segmentino helps you with measuring the effectivenss of different SMS campaigns based on your own KPIs.
sms marketing

Notify your users in real-time

Inform your users as soon as they submit an order, pay for their order, or their order is being shipped to them by creating transactional campaigns.

Write tailored messages

With the help of different plugins, you can write SMS messages in your desired way. For instance, you can include their personal info like first name or company in order to personalize your messages.

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