Web overlay

You can easily take over your users’ thought process with the help of web overlays as you interrupt what they have been doing to let them know about an important message; this message could be anything from a reminder to a form. Also, you can manage to expand your mailing list by requesting the users to fill out a field before they continue exploring your website. This way, you can convert visitors to known users.

Use data from your system to improve web overlays

Avoid using a sole web overlay for all your users; instead, try to use the data you have about them to build a tailored web overlay for each one of them based on their attributes or actions.

Design your desired web overlays in no time

With the help of our Builder feture, you can create and modify web overlays for different purposes (like collecting data, displaying a notice, or emphasizing a link) with a few drag and drops.

Manage web overlays for different campaigns

Segmentino enables you to create web overlay campaigns and schedule their publishig status effortlessly. You can then see a preview of your designed web overlay on a designated web page by entering its URL.

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