Web push notification

You can try to convey different messages to your users via your web contents, but web push notifications are the only way of talking directly to them while they are visiting your website. Using this feature cleverly increases users engagement which leads to an increase in revenues.

Write tailored emails using the Builder feature:

The Builder feature enables you to design your desired email layouts in no time. You can use pre-defined templates or you can start from scratch to delineate email sections with a few drag and drops. Choosing to send out an email to a whole segment of users have also been provided by Segmentino.

Raise your revenues with the help of web push notifications

Sending out web push notifications in real-time and as your users are exploring your website has proven to have a significant effect on increasing your revenues.

te tailored and personalized web push notifications

By including the users actions or their attributes like first name or loyalty level in a web push notification, you can create a warm and friendly message which increases user engagement rates. Segmentino has made this possible with the help of different plugins.

Use data from your system to improve web push notifications

Sending out tailored web push notifications to each user based on the data you have about them like their attributes and actions is a great way of increasing user engagement rates.

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